Lindsay just got her new car with the help of a NEXT Auto Loan.  She stopped by to show us her new car.  We asked Lindsay to share her story, and help spread the word about NEXT.

What made you come to Northern for an Auto Loan?

I came to Northern because I was looking to get a new car, something to transport me safely back and forth from college because I travel a lot.  I wanted something with better gas mileage than the car I drove when I turned 16. 

When you came in for an auto loan did you talk about our other NEXT products?

I actually got both [a NEXT eChecking and a NEXT eSavings.]  Both accounts are great opportunities for people that are my age, and even any age around that.  The fact that I am able to go to college, do transactions through ATMs that aren’t necessarily Northern ATMs, and get refunded for those [withdrawals] is awesome.

Do you use online banking?

Being a college student…I’m online all the time, so the online banking is also another great thing about Northern.  It helps me be able stay on top of [my banking] and not always rely on my parents to check-in on my banking.

Have a great NEXT story you want to share? 
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