NEXT eChecking

Smart Phone Meet Smart Checking

Ever been stranded behind someone writing a check, showing ID and holding up the line? Fear not. You are not that person. Your NEXT eChecking account is guaranteed to be non-eye-rolling.

It's convenient. It's about easy access to your money through your debit card and online banking.

  • eChecking means no awkward paper moments.
  • Need cash? Receive five ATM fee refunds per month.
  • eChecking is all about the “e.” It's bundled with your debit card, mobile banking, online banking, and eStatements.

eChecking is also the thing you need to get the rest of NEXT. In other words, get NEXT eChecking, then super-size your relationship with NEXT eSavings.

As a member of NEXT you will have the choice of our NEXT Black Card, free of charge, or a NEXT Custom Image Card. The custom card will allow you to upload the image of your choice (terms and conditions apply) for a small fee of $5.00.

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