1st Time Home Buyer Program

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With so much drama in the housing market, the dream of homeownership when you're young might seem more like a nightmare. Our 1st Time Home Buyer Program puts first-time buyers first. You can:
  • Enjoy plenty of real-world assistance if you're income eligible.
  • Get a grant up to $7,500 toward your down payment or closing costs. (That’s right! Free money!)
  • Set up a dedicated account for your down payment, and then save over a 10-24 month period. It's a no-pain, all-gain moment.
  • Choose from a variety of low-rate fixed and variable loans.
  • Take advantage of homeownership counseling programs, personalized service, plus all-around ease and no-problem professionalism.
Ditch the gloomy can't-doers of the world. Find out how your first home could be next. Chat up a Home Lending Professional by calling (315)777-8900 or filling out a Contact Us request via the web!

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